¿Donde sera el 5to MAB?

Mar Oct 19, 2010 8:33 pm por Bimago

Estamos a menos de una semana para el inicio del Budokai, la mayoría se encuentra emocionado por participar, lo cual me alegra. Ahora, necesito sus opiniones sobre dónde realizar la competencia.

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Q estas escuchando?

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Q estas escuchando?

Mensaje por Norman Osborn el Mar Sep 16, 2008 6:38 pm

He visto este post en muchos foros y pues solo debes poner la pieza q escuchas mas el q la hizo x ejemplo:

Hardboiled and Still Hellbound -- Impaled Nazarene (que inyecte de pieza xD)

Fuck you please, then some more
Hardened beyond believe
All these years have taught us well
There's no compassion at all

We detest you and your world
And everything it stands for
We won't conform to your rules
High above the norm

We have been chosen to fuck this world
Born to raise hell
So stab our back but we will survive
Because we are true alpha males

We have been to hell and back
Done things you see wet dreams of
We have been to places you
Don't even know exist
So stop wasting our time
We will be here forever
Do bear this in your mind
You cannot bring us down

Fuck you please even more
You cannot be like us
And mark my words, this is how
History is being made

Which part of fuck off don't you get?

We are hardboiled and still fucking hellbound
We don't give a flying fuck
We are hardboiled and still fucking hellbound
Fuck off you fucking useless cunts
Norman Osborn
Neoverser Lv 06
Neoverser Lv 06

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Re: Q estas escuchando?

Mensaje por Reloaded-BLDX el Mar Sep 16, 2008 6:48 pm

[b]Goofy Goober in spanish

Soy un cacahuate(rock)
Eres un cacahuate(rock)
Todos somos cacahuates(rock)
Cacahuate cacahuate(rock)

Que me dices,
Ven si no quieres que me digan
Nunca mas me reire y digo no, no!
Nunca reire.

Que me dices,
Ven, tu me dices que soy un chico,
Dime otra vez,yo te digo ya(hey)!
Otra vez


Si lo que quieres es sentirte como yo,
Asi lo haras,chico seras y muy feliz!


Soy un cacahuate(rock)
Eres un cacahuate(rock)
Todos somos cacahuates(rock)
Cacahuate cacahuate cacahuateeeeeeeeeeeee.

Neoverser Lv 07
Neoverser Lv 07

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Re: Q estas escuchando?

Mensaje por OMAC el Mar Sep 16, 2008 6:52 pm

¡Que cancion, se ve curiosa! ¿De quien es esa?

Yo estoy escuchando..
A Farewell To Arms- Machine Head

[Music: Flynn / Demmel, Lyrics: Flynn / Duce / Demmel]

Can you hear their cries?
Nowhere can the children run to hide
Crimson rivers

Flow down the hills
Atone our ills
And woe to all her songs of love

A farewell to arms

Mutilated lives
Blackening as coffin line the sides
Filled with fathers

Who has won?
When only sons
Hold their grieving heads and mourn

A farewell to arms

Always our souls entwine
Erase this vast divide
Deaf ears our voices rest
Tyrant, this is protest

Who has won?
Yes, who has won?

I’ll wave this flag of white
So the venged see the light
We’ll pay for closed eyes
With our genocide

Piercing the masquerade
March to the death parade
Trade no humanity
For pearls of the slavery

In the depth of mind the heart will I find
The truth of our leader
We’ll try the facts so through the cracks
May fall the lying cheater

Who has won when we’re all dead?


So is this how we live?
Or is this how we die?

Black blood dripping from platinum fangs
Rich blood flees while
Our poverty hangs

Shepherds they herd the mindless trance
As the flock follows the puppet’s dance
In a fatal romance

[Solo: Demmel]

All that they needed was
A pretext, war’s next
Heads to the chopping blocks
And our necks are next
For those we died
Who fought for our rights
Whose children now slaves
They’re turning in their graves

War hawks and senators
They sit tight, so trite
Never their sons will know
What it’s like to fight
But soldiers are dead
And children have bled
And the silence is numb
What have we become?

God save us

A farewell to Arms
Neoverser Lv 07
Neoverser Lv 07

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Re: Q estas escuchando?

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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